Work for Students

What are the requirements for foreign students to work in Russia and how to get a permission for work

Here are some main conditions for foreign citizens working in Russia: you should be adult (18 years and more) and have corresponding permission of General Directorate of migration of Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs.

If foreign student works in the University or any university organization, or on holidays (without limitations within the University), he doesn’t need any permission. In other cases special permission is needed. Students from Eurasian Economic Community (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) don’t need to have permission for work.

Permission for work

Permission for work is released only for full-time education students of the universities that have a state accreditation. All state universities and most of the private ones do have the accreditation. It’s important that you can work only by profession stated in permission and only in the region (city) of your university.

Permission for work validity

The permission for work is valid for 1 year. After 1 year permission for work should be prolonged for a new term. If a student drops out studying his/her permission for work is cancelled. As for changing place of work during permission validity the student can easily do it without releasing a new permission. All that he should do is to inform migration service about changes in 7 days.

Who can release permission for work

For releasing permission for work you should apply to Federal Migration Service of Russia.

How to get work permission

The permit is issued by the regional office of the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Interior Ministry of Russia, where the following documents need to be submitted:


  • Application

  • Passport

  • Migration card

  • Receipt of fee payment (3,500 roubles in 2018)

  • Employment contract

  • Certificate confirming HIV-negative status, no infectious diseases or drug addiction

  • A statement from a university confirming that the student is enrolled on a basic full-time course